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  Arabic translation

Parsis Official Translation Center is honored, as a specialized Arabic translation center with experienced staff and professional translators in the field of Arabic to Persian, Persian to Arabic, Arabic to English, English to Arabic, Arabic to Russian, Arabic to German, simultaneous translation for seminars and conferences, business and tourism talks, syntactic analysis of students’ articles, and film and audio transcriptions to serve dear customers at the lowest price and highest quality.

Should you intend to travel to one of the Arabic-speaking countries including: Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE (Dubai), Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan, Somalia, Comoros, Western Sahara, or Djibouti while you do not speak Arabic, do not worry! Persian professional translators welcome you at the international airport of destination and will accompany you during your stay in that country. Moreover, you will not need to pay for visa, flight and hotel costs of the translators. All you need to do is contacting us.

Note: If you wish to translate a certificate in Iran which is in Arabic language and issued in an Arabic country, you must first have your documents confirmed by the ministry of foreign affairs of Iran in Tehran so that your document can be official translated.

However, if you are not present in the issuing country and you are not able to confirm the document at the Iranian Consulate in the issuing country, you can submit your document to the embassy of the issuing country in Tehran and then have the seal of embassy of the issuing country approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that your documents can be officially translated by Parsis Official Translation Center at the shortest possible time after gaining the required confirmations.

Arabic Online Official Translation

Parsis Official Translation Center, as Arabic Language Online Official Translation Center, is proud to provide online Arabic translation official services in the shortest possible time to reduce costs and save customers time and avoid wasting time in urban traffic.

To use the official online translation services, just upload an image or scan of your desired documents in translation order registration section.

Within a few minutes, Parsis Official Translation Team will announce the fee for translation of documents and the approval of Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so you can send your documents to the translation center and the translation will be send to you in the due time.

Oral / Simultaneous (official or nonofficial) Arabic translation

If you need an official Arabic translator to attend Notary public, Marriage and Divorce centers, Family Courts, Public Courts, Embassy of an Arabic speaking country, you will be able to use oral Arabic translation services of Parsis Official Translation Center as it has employed professional translators approved by the Ministry of Justice. Likewise, if you require a nonofficial Arabic oral or simultaneous translator for business meetings, contracting, traveling abroad, Parsis Official Translation Center will provide you with all the necessary services at the lowest cost and highest quality possible and by experienced and expert staff.

Translation from Iraqi to Persian and Persian to Iraqi

If you plan to officially translate documents such as property documents, identity documents, court rulings, contracts, company registration documents, article of association, marriage documents and the like from Iraqi to Persian and Persian to Iraqi, Parsis Official Translation Center provide the dear customers with all these service and obtains the approval of Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if needed, along with the approval of Iraq Embassy at the lowest price and the highest quality.

Unofficial Translation from Iraqi to Persian and Persian to Iraqi

All nonofficial translation services from Iraqi to Persian, Persian to Iraqi such as catalog, visa appeal, embassy letters, articles, books, business plans, brochures, jurisprudential texts, legal texts and digital files by alumni from the best Iraqi universities are carried out at the lowest cost and the highest quality.

Specialized translation of various Arabic dialects

If your text or audio or video file is in dialect of one of the Arab countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE (Dubai), Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan, Somalia, Comoros, West Sahara, or Djibouti trust us to fulfil your tasks with the highest quality and the lowest possible time and price.

Audio and video file translation

Translations of audio and video files such as educational documentaries, songs, lyrics, videos, clips, teaser, educational videos are done at this center.

However, the fee of audio and video file translation is determined depending on the client’s request.

Instant 24-hour official Arabic translation

Parsis Official Translation Center, having employed 16 official translators approved by the Ministry of Justice, provides Arabic language official translations with the approval of Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as normal (one week), semi-instant (3 to 4 days), instant (48 hours), very instant (48 hours), depending on the needs of customers. The price of translation is determined depending on customer requirements and the volume of official translation.

It should be noted in instant and very instant translations that require the approval of Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to speed ​​up the translation process and get approval in the shortest time, Parsis official translation delivers the translation sealed by the responsible official translator so that the customer refer to Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in Imam Khomeini Square and have them approved, in which case the applicant can receive the approvals from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in one day.

Official English to Arabic translation

There is currently no official English to Arabic translator approved by the judiciary in Iran, so for official translation of your documents you need to have your documents first approved by the Iranian Consulate in the exporting country or the Embassy of the exporting country in Iran and then stamped. Receive the Embassy of Confirmation with the approval of the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran, which will then be translated into Persian after receiving the required confirmation

Arabic translation services

The Arabic translation service is one of the important services in the Senior Department of Arabic Translation. In Iran, the use of specialized Arabic-speaking translators can greatly assist in trading with the Persian Gulf countries.

If you are planning to go to the Gulf, or want to expand your business in the Middle East, we are ready to help you with an official translation. Whether you need an Arabic translator for your legal documents, an Arabic oral translator for your marketing conference or even a full Arabic localization service for your e-commerce site, our translation office has language experts to guide you in globalization Brand helps.

Arabic translation services for the Middle East market

Low taxes, growing industries, and the attractiveness of foreign businesses make the Middle East a viable area for a brand to expand.

Do you decide to invest in Dubai  and more conservatively than Abu Dhabi ?

We translate into every single language and from every single language. This means that if you Acting out for Arabic translations into English for legal documents before entering this promising market, we are there. If you need to adapt the marketing strategy you used for your Paris branch and need French translations into Arabic, we are there. And if you need to, click for more French translation services.

We also have a separate English translation department in Arabic if you need to analyze your business plan with English to Arabic translation into the Persian Gulf.

Services of Arabic translation and interpreting solutions

Do you have business or legal documents that require translation from Arabic into English or any other language pair? What about a script, literary piece, college text, or medical journal? Do you need a qualified Arabic translator to perform legal or medical procedures?

At translator, our team of talented translators and native translators are not only expert in Arabic but well trained in your field. From medical clinics to courtrooms, we set the industry standard for excellence. We offer what you need:

Arabic to English translation services, and all authentic Arabic language couples, at amazing times and at no extra cost. Culturally sensitive Arabic interpretation services

Full Arabic translation and localization services

When you enter the dynamic hub for investment, the Middle East has different norms and practices.

Creating personal and trusted relationships plays a big role in networking practices, and verbal commitment is very valuable – even more than legal contracts.

So if you want to expand your business in the Persian Gulf, you don’t have to find someone who translates your sales forecast and marketing strategy from English to Arabic. You need a professional Arabic translation company to provide you with an integrated service – including complete completion of your brand, whether it means human resource movie subtitles, or localizing your website for Middle Eastern clients, or packaged translation. , Designs and patents your entire operation

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