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  ?What is Official Translation

Let us explain official translation by an example. Suppose that you are currently studying at high school level in Iran, but you intend to study abroad at a university in Germany, Switzerland, England, Canada or any country.
Naturally, you will need to submit your last certificate, which is a pre-college course, to your intended foreign university. Your certificate is surely in Persian and the staff of the university are not familiar with the Persian language. Hence, it is necessary to translate your documents into the official language of that country, but it should be noted that not all translations are accepted abroad; only the translations which are acknowledged by Iranian government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, as the representative of Iranian people all over the world, are accepted.

 ?We should know what kind of translation is confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs only accepts translations that have been officially translated;
?So back to our first question: what is the official translation
Official translation is the translation carried out by the official translator and confirmed by the judicial system.

 ?So who is official translator
Official translator is a person who has participated in the examination of the technical administration of official translators of the judiciary system and has acquired the necessary score and after having completed their apprenticeship, they are authorized by the judiciary for the official translation of documents. Special stamp and letterhead bearing the logo of the judiciary and the official translator’s address are given by the judiciary system to the translator and the translator’s signature is as authentic as the signature of the notary public.

 ?What text and document can be officially translated
Note that not all documents and texts can be officially translated; only documents issued by a governmental agency, such as a birth certificate, can be officially translated and some documents must have certain conditions, such as academic certificates. For more information, contact the Translation Center.

 ?Can the verbal translation be officially translated
The answer to this question is yes
The oral translation in the notary public should be officially translated, that is, the official oral translation must be made by the official translator having the license and seal; the translator’s license number and their seal shall be registered in the notary public; that is, the official translator will register their sign and seal and license number in the related section in the notary public and certifies the correctness of the translation and will be responsible for it.

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