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Specialized Translation

Specialized Translation

Specialized Translation

Specialized translation refers to a translation that deals with a specific knowledge.

For example, areas such as marketing or law are regarded as specialized disciplines and, contrary common belief, specialized translation does not merely include fields such as medicine or technology. Commerce and marketing are also specialized fields that require specialized translation.

Commercial specialized texts may include agreements, marketing fields, or white papers. Therefore, it can be said that specialized translations for specific purposes should be carried out by a specialized translator in order to better understand the text.

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Where do we need specialized translation?

Translators and linguists are trained in specialized translation and usually have one or two specialized fields in which they work. Specialized translation is required in all disciplines and areas and the use of specialized translator increases quality of translation in the intended field.

All translators are not expert in all subjects. For example, law translators are usually not good at translating marketing texts because these texts require creative translation. Technical translators may be good for translating guidance booklets, but are rarely the best choice for financial and economic translations. For this reason, selecting a translator who is specialized in the field of the text is very important.

Is specialized translation different from general translation?

As specialized terminology is used in specialized translations, specialized translation is usually more expensive than general translation. So if you are preparing legal documents or business papers for translation, keep in mind that you need to pay more for specialized and high-quality translation.

But if you resist paying more money and give your text to a general translator, you will surely not be satisfied with the translation quality provided by the general translator and you will have to give it to another translator who is specialized at your text’s field leading to second payment and consequently more cost.

Conclusion: If the translation of the text is of great importance to you, make sure to find qualified centers and ask the Translation Center for the translation of a part of the text which you think is specialized as sample (at least 8 lines) before any payments; if you confirm the quality of the sample translation, provide the pre-payment and finalize your order.

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