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Arabic Specialized Translation

Arabic Specialized Translation

Due to the increasing growth of science and the specialization of various disciplines, specialized translation has become one of the basic demands of today’s society as each translator specializes in a particular field.

For example, the general translator cannot translate legal texts, and it is necessary to assign the translation to the specialists and graduates of the same field, so that the terms and equivalents are chosen correctly and a purely specialized translation is provided.

Normal Translation Versus Specialized Translations

In fact, the difference between the normal translation and the specialized translation is the use of the technical vocabulary and the correct equivalent of them in Arabic, and since the Arabic language vocabulary varies according to the geography of the Arab-speaking countries, it is obvious that this translation should take in to account the vocabulary used in Gulf, Levantine and Egyptian Arabian, and so on.

As you can see, Parsis Arabic Translation Center, based on the growing need for Arabic translation in the international community, offers the professional translation department of the Arabic language by employing expert professors and translators.

Special needs of the Arabic Department

In Arabic translation, these days we see the abundance and diversity of translation. This is due to the fact that, given the economic needs and the vastness and abundance of Arabic-speaking countries, there are countless opportunities for commercial, scientific and technical cooperation with the countries of the world.

Consequently, the specialized translation should be used for this matter. For respectable merchants who need to describe their products in terms of quality, it is only a good Arabic translation that can help them in this regard.

For engineers who need to take advantage of Arab countries for their career development; this is a specialized translation that will give them a boost to success.

Even the professors and scholars who want to translate Arabic books or to export their knowledge to other Arab-speaking countries they can use their specialized translations.

Or, in international contracts and powers of attorney, this is a specialized Arabic translation that will help you.

The specialized translation of the Arabic language, which is provided by the expert team who possess technical knowledge of the field, will provide a platform for applicants for this type of translation.

Specialized Translation Process in the Translation Center

The translation process is that when a subject or a case is submitted for translation to the department, it is evaluated by a senior specialist to provide information about the price of translation and time of delivery, and the client will be aware of the type of translation. Then, the manager of the department, depending on the specialty of the text, assigns the text to a translator or specialist with similar specialty.

In a new act by the Arabic department of Parsis, specialized Arabic translation services have been developed.

Translation of the specialized field in Arabic Language

The world of art and cinema has a specialty of Arabic translation in the field of cinema, films and festivals. Producers who want to sell and buy cultural products or make films with Arabic-speaking countries should use specialized translator of Arabic language art and cinema.

We are proud to introduce the best translators to you as we employ a powerful Arabic translation teams in the field of cinema and art.

Other uses of specialized Arabic translation are the translation of scientific and academic texts that will be of great help to scholars and students. Because in addition to saving time, they will receive the best translation.

International lawyers and international affiliate companies are also the recipients of Arabic translation. Because no translation, except specialized legal translation, will lead to the success of their clients’ files.

Nowadays, due to the expansion of digital marketing and international marketing affairs, every successful businessman for exporting and importing requires the study and translation of brochures for goods and graphite tables and annual sales figures in different countries.

This matter will only be provided by the Commercial Arabic Translation.

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