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English translation

English translation is a professional service from English to Farsi or any other language for translating texts, documents, websites etc. which is carried out only at Parsis English translation department.

Most people around the world speak English. They are familiar with the alphabet of English language by watching television, surfing the web or doing business. However, professional English translation or English translation services will be quite different.

An unprofessional translator increases the risk of mistranslating vocabulary having more than one meaning. It is highly important to use appropriate specialized terms and jargon when performing English specialized translation such as academic texts and papers or the official    English translations such as legal and medical documents from the original language to the target language Click on the official translation for more information

Parsis Official Translation Center presents professional translation services from English to Persian or any language for cases such as document translation, English movie translation, article translation, electronic media translation, website translation, promotional and catalog translation .and translation of texts in any field

English translation services

Parsis English translation service is provided to thousands of potential customers and companies and small businesses, including countless .public and private entities. English translation today is one of the most requested types of translation services

English Translators Network

At our English language Translation Department, we have employed skilled and elite English translators. In addition, Parsis English Language .Translators Network has been able to deliver hundreds of English projects in a variety of fields to dear clients

 :The most important services of Parsis English Language services are

Translating English documents

Simultaneous English translation using simultaneous English translator

Sequential English Interpretation

English transcription

Voiceovers and English subtitles

Solo English Solutions

Multicultural English Marketing

E-Learning English Language Support

Instant English translation

Specialized English translation

English book translation

English article translation

As one of the most accredited English translation companies, we are able to deliver English translation strategies in specialized cases and related services to many large and small industries for performing projects.

Demonstrating expertise in English translation

Normally if you need to order an English translation of your texts you can request a free translation sample of your texts; you do not need to pay a fee, just contact our translation center and our experts will set the arrangements to provide you with a free sample of your texts.

The Parsis Official Translation Center provides instant English translation using a wide range of experienced and native English translators, meaning that the instant translation will be fully accurate, fluent and in the native English language.

The extensive database of Parsis translators is known not only in English but also in Arabic, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, and many other languages.

For large translation projects we may use a team of English translators, in which case the translator will first translate a part of the project, and then other translators will translate other parts. Eventually, the major translator checks the total text for accurate translation to maximize output and power.

English native translators

Our English translation team are professional linguists who translate from other languages ​​into English in different fields and various industries.

We can provide good translation from a wide array of different languages

Centralized English translation

Centralized Translation is performed by a team of English translation specialists, designers and local specialists; in this way, a thorough project is produced with the same quality as the original content.

Professional English translation services

As one of the leading professional English translation organizations with competitive and legal costs, we are able to provide high quality, high volume, complex and focused professional translations.

While English is one of the global languages, it may vary depending on the country, especially the United States and the United Kingdom. We have introduced ourselves for providing fast, accurate and reliable professional English translation services at competitive prices.

Reliable translations reveal the differences and importance of using right terms to the target audience. Some of the biggest and most famous companies in Iran trust us to familiarize them with professional English translation solutions.

We have a fixed record of providing services to customers regarding professional English translations at high quality and competitive prices.

We are in a unique position to be able to provide you with any professional English translation project that may be submitted through a translation order.

Small law firms to multinational corporations have had extensive experience in receiving professional English translation into their target language by our translators.

English language translation

Elusive communication in English is the core need for any business that has been recognized as successful in the 21st century.

Professional and direct communication in English translation is more important than ever. The quality of your English translations has a direct reflection on your business. As one of the pioneers of professional English translations, we do the best work possible helping you in your way of success.

Regardless of the content of our English translations, we have professional English translation teams who have knowledge and experience in this field. In addition to being able to understand the subtle and specialized differences of any type of English text, they will have expertise in the following areas:

Finance, IT, sales, marketing, media, legal, travel and tourism, software, specialized texts, business, telecommunications, book translation, technical, medical, governmental, official translation of documents, etc.

Spanish to English translation

While we are expert at translation from Spanish to English and Portuguese, we cover the translation services of French at the French Translation Center, German at German Translation Center, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages.

Reliable English translation

We are proud to have an impeccable reputation in providing reliable and high-quality English translation.

We offer English translation solutions to some of the best domestic companies. Regardless of the content of our English translations, we have trained professional English translation teams with knowledge and experience in this field.

Experts in English language translation

As mentioned above, we have created a team of British translators with a set of skills and expertise and extensive experience in dealing with English language articles. We tailor the English translation team’s knowledge and strengths to your specific project and your specific English market needs.

Services provided by our professional English teams include editing, modifying and reviewing by independent experts at no extra cost. Our teams consist of English native speakers; the English edition of translations is completed by another source.

Getting familiarized with English language

English contains many different dialects. Many people currently translate English texts, but can all of them be elite in their area of ​​expertise?

Our English translation team can create a translation for a specific audience or translate their project into a global language with the International Standard Language Form.

Translation of legal texts into English

Legal translations require a specialist translator of the subject area, and this translator may also work in the field of low or attorneyship of at notary publics.

It is very important for the translator to be familiar with the legal aspects, a specialized legal translation from English to the target language shall be accompanied by a comprehensive understanding of specialized terms.

Medical translation into English

It is vital that the professionals transfer their experience to specialized medical translation; not many people have expertise in medicine so medical translation experts who are familiar with the specialized terminology of this field are able to accurately translate medical documents such as records.

Teaching English language

If you need to teach English professionally, first let’s make it clear that we are not an English language school currently, but we do have an official English translation but you can personally demonstrate your English skills using the options below.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): Minimum acceptable scores in this test are:

These scores are collected in accordance with international standards

CBT will no longer be provided. CBT results will no longer be accepted because ETS will no longer report these results.

IBT (Internet-Based Test): 86 in total, at least 20 in each of the skills

PBT (Paper Based Test): 567

Normal university exam and UKVI exam are both accepted. Score must be 6.5 or higher. See the IELTS website for more information

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