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English Specialized Translation



English Specialized Translation

Nowadays, English Specialized Translation is of great importance in countries throughout the world with diverse cultures.

Knowledge and expertise are two critical elements in this type of translation because individuals such as students, researchers, merchants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and university professors satisfy their basic needs in specialized translation.

Specialized translators often translate in their mother tongue and live in the target country to ensure that not only the message is communicated to another language, but also different cultures are connected in this way.

English Specialized Translation Services

Parsis Official English Translation Center, in addition to having over 10 years of experience in the translation industry, employs translators with higher education in different disciplines and specialist fields; for example, if you need a specialized medical translation, you need a translator who has studied in specialized medical sciences.

We cover more than 50 languages ​​at our Official Translation Center. All processes in the Parsis Official Translation Center undergo quality standards and translation project management and are done professionally.

Questions in Specialized English Translation?

We know that you might face numerous questions about the specialized translation process. If you want to get familiar with the process, please refer to the specialized translation section or contact us to get the full explanation.

There is an example for a specialized English translation; suppose that a bakery prepares the dough with hands. The material gets dirty; he combines everything passionately and works hard and then holds it for a while before being prepared for cooking. The translation process is almost the same, with the difference that it takes time. Maybe in the example above, time is limited, but it is time that determines the quality of work in specialized translation.

English Specialized Translation Process

English translation is a process, that is, it involves steps; first reading the text, then starting the research, the jargon is examined, and finally it is the time for real translation.

But it is not finished yet. Before submitting the translation file, we have to check it again and verify that the translation is correct. This is the revision that prompts the translators to correct mistakes and typos or format problems.

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