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Site translation services are generally offered in two ways. The first method involves human translation (HT) which can be requested from a translation bureau and the other method involves software translation which can be carried out online and for free. What are the advantages of these methods and how do they differ? In this article, we will introduce general services for translation of website content and get acquainted with the advantages and differences of these two methods. For more information, stay with us.

Advantages of translation of site by a translator

If you are managing a website or you want to translate the general content of an international site into Persian or any other language, you must take benefit from a specialized and humane translator. It should be noted that if your website is managed by experts and technical managers, you should know that translating the website by a human translator is important both from the perspective of the best search engines, Google, and from the perspective of your audience.
This is mainly due to the fact that if you translate all the contents of a website by a local and highly specialized translator, not only the search engine robots recognize that your translation is natural, but also your audience will not get tired of reading specialized topics and translated words and will fully understand that this translation has been done by a human.

Translation of site by artificial intelligence

Many software or websites that translate your content online are, nowadays, able to translate the content of websites into the target languages instantly using artificial intelligence designed by their programmers; however, the bitter fact is that AI can never work like human in translation of specialized texts, not even close! That’s why human audiences and even search engines like Google will understand this well.

Easily translate your website content

By taking benefit from the expertise of our translation bureau, with the experience resulted from thousands of translated pages and dozens of successful websites, Parsis Translation Bureau also wants to surprise you with its website translation services. We will translate your website with the best SEO keywords, meta tags and microformats. Not just a direct translation but a complete website localization service is offered that is the key to turning your website into an internet magnet.

Website content is constantly changing; we facilitate its translation

Our website translation services and website localization services are offered as a complete pack. It does not matter if you are deleting, changing paragraphs, adding new sentences or just one word, our technique will detect this changes and modify them. It will take hours and days to update the contents in other languages; however, with the professional website translation technique, we are able to translate your content in the shortest possible time.

General services of website translation

Our services include translating weblogs, websites, news, intranet and extranet software files, marketing campaigns, etc. Likewise, if your budget does not allow for complete human translation, we can translate some terms automatically using the translation memory. In our website translation department, we have employed professional translators and experienced web designers who will provide you with completely free and dedicated support in website translation services throughout the process.

Expert project managers will advise you on keywords and optimal explanations which are not necessarily those in original language of your website, but they are the top search terms in the country or the intended location. Our translation website not only wants to provide you with the best website translation services possible, but also adds a local flavor to your content (as a localization service).

Recent studies indicated that the internet user’s population is increasingly multilingual and Asian languages are experiencing the highest growth rates. To translate an English or a Turkish website, we will employ English translators and web experts at English Translation Bureau and Turkish specialists at the Turkish Translation Bureau, respectively.

In what languages are our website translation services offered

As we said earlier, we are able to provide translations in more than 120 languages, but the most important languages offered at the translation bureau include the following languages.

  •  Translation of French websites at a French translation bureau by translation experts and web designers who are also familiar with French language
  •  Translation of Spanish websites at Spanish translation bureau
  •  Translation of German websites at German translation bureau
  • Translation of Russian websites at Russian translation bureau
  • Translation of Italian websites at Italian translation bureau
  • Translation of Arabic websites and many other languages which are all carried out precisely with great program and quality

Advantages of Web Translation

When you present the content of your website in a language that people do not understand, translated websites are three times more viewed and known compared to sites which offer their content in only one language. Offering the content of websites for people in their native language will help job creation and forces the people to re-enter your website. While English is a good starting point, a translated website makes it easier for many readers to better understand their products and services without hesitation or misunderstanding. Don’t forget, a very fluent website translation will make your site clearer to your audience.

Advantages of site translation to boost occupations

Website translation services are a turning point for showing the website internationally and introducing you to new audiences.

To how many languages shall we translate our website?

Well, you are on this page because you have decided to translate your company’s website. Before addressing the question of whether you need to translate or localize some content, we would like to congratulate you. Statistics show that only 1 out of every 4 individuals is native speaker of English, so you have taken the first step towards opening up to the world and internationalizing your services.

You may have many reasons to translate your website; however, now it is time to make even more decisions. The first decision is to choose which languages are most important to you. Let’s analyze the different ways that can help you make a decision.

How many translation languages do we need to publish our content?

You might have many questions here. We will try to publish a list of them here. One of the first things you need to consider before starting a website localization project is how many languages you want to support. Obviously, the more languages, the higher the pertinent costs.

Not all languages are identical in terms of costs, and translating into some languages is more expensive than translating into others. In addition, targeting some languages adds some extra requirements to your website project (Arabic and Hebrew require right-to-left alignment, which is made easier by HTML5 technology).

Therefore, providing language support on a website depends heavily on budget considerations. For example, analyzing the countries which are already visiting your website. Knowing where your visitors are from and whether they speak a different language will make you think about providing a translation of your content; however, zero visits from countries like Indonesia, Japan or China may be due to the lack of Indonesian translations, Japanese translations or Chinese translations.
However, 85% of the Internet population speak 10 languages. Therefore, this number can also be considered as the main form of goals.

CountryInternet Users1 Yr % Growth1 Yr User GrowthTotal Country Population1 Yr Population Change (%)Penetration (% of population with Internet)Country’s share of World PopulationCountry’s share of World Internet Users
2United States279,834,2327%17,754,869322,583,0060.79%86.75%4.45%9.58%
9United Kingdom57,075,8263%1,574,65363,489,2340.56%89.90%0.88%1.95%
12South Korea45,314,2488%3,440,21349,512,0260.51%91.52%0.68%1.55%
15Viet Nam39,772,4249%3,180,00792,547,9590.95%42.97%1.28%1.36%

The top 20 countries with the highest number of Internet users in 2019. About half of the world’s Internet users come from Asia, about 22% from the Americas (north and south), 19% from Europe, 9.8% from Africa and nearly 1% from Oceania, where the world’s online population has reached 7 billion; Therefore, translating into Asian languages seems to be the first good choice for translating sites into international languages. The table below shows specific statistics on the GDP status for different countries.

Gross domestic product 2019
RankingEconomyUS dollars)
USA1United States17.419.000
GBR5United Kingdom2.941.886
RUS10Russian Federation1.860.598
KOR13Korea, Rep.1.410.383
SAU19Saudi Arabia746.249

The above statistics indicate that you have a reasonable choice in your language translation goals for your website. According to statistics, among the top 22 economies in the world, there are approximately 2 or 3 simultaneous Chinese users per person online. It becomes obvious here that translation of website to Chinese language as one of the most important Asian languages is very important. So it is quite logical that we should not ignore such a huge market.

There are 6 English-speaking economies in the top 22 economies in the world (US, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Nigeria). Internet users in the United States and India make up almost equal to the number of users in China. The Internet population in Brazil is about the size of Japan, even if their purchasing power is half.

Successful website translation strategy

In the top 20 countries there are only two Spanish-speaking economies (Mexico and Spain). Although Spanish has almost more than 500 million speakers, countries like France will have higher purchasing power for online products than these countries. After seeing these facts, this decision will almost certainly be of interest to your target audience because most economies and countries are monolingual or have a main language. If these markets fit into your strategy, it makes sense to translate into German, Russian and English.

As we said earlier, in Egypt it is better to translate the site into Arabic. In a country that has more internet users than Italy, Spain, Turkey or Canada, the site should be translated into these languages. However, Saudi Arabia is the first Arabic-speaking economy in the world; Thus, despite their population and the huge increase in Arabic-language Internet users, translation into Arabic only makes sense as a medium- and long-term strategy.
Our advice for a successful website strategy is to target English, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Japanese, Spanish and French and focus on other national languages depending on your budget and needs.

Website translation by browser

In the following sections, we will deal with the possibilities of translating the content of sites using various browsers. If your computer system uses Chrome, Firefox or Salari browser, join us to tell you how to translate sites.

Translation of website using Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser has more than 2 billion users worldwide today. On the other hand, this huge source of users has made the designers of this internet browser think of using very modern and interesting features. One of these features is using Google translation add-on. With this feature, Google is able to keep users satisfied with an automatic translation of the site content. Although it may be erroneous regarding long contents, it is safe to say that Chrome’s site translation is one of the best AI translations.

To activate this feature, first click on the 3 dot icon at the top of the browser and then go to Settings. Click on the “Advanced menu” at the left, and then click on the Language menu. Here, open the Language drop-down menu and turn on the “Offer to translate pages that are not in a language you read”.

Translation of website using Firefox Chrome

Firefox browser is also one of the most popular browsers in the world right now. Of course, recently it has faced a strange decline in 2020 to 2021 and has about 190 million users worldwide. Site translation is also possible using the Firefox browser these days. To use this feature, you must use an add-on so that you can easily translate texts on a web using different types of translation plugins. One of the best plugins offered for this purpose is the Google Translate plugin, which has about 700,000 users.

Site Content Management Translation

If you are active as a website administrator and you are familiar with all types of site creation systems or content management, it should be noted that we are able to translate various content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal for you by using local translators and experts in this field. The translation of these sites will be done entirely by human translators and experts familiar with these systems. Of course, it should be noted that these translations will also be done for free for different types of content management by different types of plugins. Stay tuned for more information.

WordPress Website Translation

One of the most popular site management systems is WordPress. More than 60% of all websites in the world are designed using this system. On the other hand, due to the importance and popularity of WordPress, many programmers have designed and published various types of translation plugins, which are:

  1. WPML WordPress site translation plugin
  2. Polylang plugin
  3. GTranslate translation plugin

Joomla Website Translation

Joomla is another famous content management system, ranked second after WordPress. It should be noted that there are various plugins for this content management system including the following:

  1. GTranslate translation plugin for Joomla
  2. Smartcat module
  3. SEF Translate plugin
  4. JV Bing Translator Plugin

Translation of Durpal websites

Drupal is another content management system which depends on personal preferences. However, it is interesting to know that this system has a very high level of security and about 5% of the world’s users use this content management. It should be noted that it is currently ranked third in the world after Joomla. The following modules can also be used for its translation:

  1. TMGMT translation module
  2. Drupal Localization plugin
  3. Smartcat translation plugin
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