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All types of dictionaries and most frequently used foreign language terms are introduced in the Parsis Online Dictionary Section. You can get familiar with types of online dictionaries by reading each section.

What does “dictionary” mean?

A dictionary is a complete and ordered alphabetical list consisting of specialized words and meanings for learners. It seems that the term “dictionary” has a strange definition, but we have tried to give a comprehensive definition for dictionary.
Dictionaries in different languages are published in new versions to enable learners to choose one of the best dictionaries according to their needs.

A dictionary will help the learner, both beginner and advanced, to have a better understanding of the word and a better understanding of the language and to measure the level of skill in their field.

In the current world of technology, online dictionary software can be found in abundance; furthermore, dictionaries and online dictionaries are printed and sold as books in several versions. Despite the existence of hundreds of free and non-free dictionaries, choosing the best dictionary to better enhance foreign language skills is still one of the most important challenges ahead for language learners.

Dictionaries for individual languages

Everyone, young and old, needs dictionaries. Whenever human skills increase, learning new tips and science will inherently lead to growth and development in human beings. Having online and always available resources from regular and comprehensive categories is a good way to increase the skills of learners from beginner to advanced
Self-confidence and research skills help the ability to comprehend a language.

Parsis Online Dictionary helps to introduce the best comprehensive online dictionary in different languages in this section and you can increase your foreign language skills through these resources. An online dictionary gives learners the opportunity to do research anywhere on the planet remotely. A site, software and application might be designed for mobile. The difference between online dictionaries in terms of words and vocabulary is clear in the explanations of each program. Therefore, all the online dictionaries initially require internet connection.

However, there are also applications that, in addition to online access, can download important data to be available offline or wherever the Internet is not needed.

In Parsis Online Dictionary Section, in addition to introducing online dictionaries, we also introduce some updated software for the Android and iOS versions, so for a quick reading, please refer to the section introducing 10 Online Dictionaries. It is worth reading.

Nowadays, most individuals use some kind of online dictionary, some by visiting sites and others by installing the online dictionary application on their mobile phone. Therefore, choosing the best online dictionary is always a major priority for language learners.

In this section, we intend to introduce the best dictionaries in different languages, including English, German, Arabic, French and other languages. In this section, you will be able to access a comprehensive information from the online dictionary, so stay tuned with us. It is worth mentioning that we have introduced some of the most frequent idioms of English language.
Currently, the advanced online dictionary is a rich source of word meanings, parts of speech and word roots, and even synonyms and antonyms. The nature of words in any language definitely changes over the years and evolves day by day.

English to Persian Online Dictionary

English to Persian Online Dictionary

English to Persian Online Dictionary

Using an online English to Persian dictionary and vice versa is the most important thing that a learner will need when learning English. An English dictionary with a treasure trove of specialized vocabulary which helps you learn hundreds of new words and improve your pronunciation and grammar.

The best and most specialized English to Persian dictionary is a treasure that will specialize in the native language, hence, words related to the native English language with rare implications and converting them into the target language (Persian and vice versa) is the best choice.

If you want to learn English well, a dictionary of English to Persian text is a very good friend of yours, but there are many English dictionaries on the Internet, some of which are in English to Persian and other languages. Parsis Online Dictionary was active as a dedicated page for introducing learning services and increasing the skills of language learners, so there is a possibility of updating this page at any time.

Publishing different types of comprehensive dictionaries in different languages in the Parsis online dictionary section is in accordance with the latest books and software; therefore, if you know a valid book or software that is not introduced in this section, introduce it to us.

German to Persian Online Dictionary

German is one of the most popular languages in Europe. Many countries speak German, so if you are looking to learn German, traveling to another part of the world will be very easy. Learning a German language is not as easy as other languages. However, most travelers and language learners have always sought a good German dictionary to improve their German language skills, which can include specialized words and phrases in their mother tongue or other languages.

There is no specific time period to guarantee that you will succeed in learning German, but the most important key that will improve your German language skills is its consistency.
One never learns German in a month or a few months. This only happens in movies or commercials, but if you want to really learn German, a German to Persian online dictionary is the best choice.

Click if you need to get acquainted with the German Specialized Translation

Learning a new language depends on a number of factors, including your previous experience and background in the language, your resilience, and your level of motivation and activity at work. Approximately if you are looking to improve your language skills for about three to six hours a day, you can probably have a daily conversation with your friends in a foreign language.

Arabic to Persian Dictionary Online

Arabic is spoken by more than 300 million native speakers around the world. Arabic is currently spoken in more than 25 countries, so it is very tempting for learners to seek to learn Arabic. Learning Arabic for business, travel and education is one of the most important decision-making elements in learning Arabic; therefore, Arabic dictionaries and dictionaries in their native language is one of the best ways to learn and increase Arabic skills for learners.

Undoubtedly, the software and dictionary books that are offered in the markets or online sites are trying to increase their proficiency and mastery over the Arabic language.

Arabic is a completely different language from English, German, French or other languages that are considered as the most popular languages today. The different alphabet of this language and Arabic phonology is completely different from the languages that have Latin roots.

However, as Arabic alphabet is very similar to Persian alphabet, learning Arabic is much easier for language learners.

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