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German Specialized Translation

German Specialized Translation

German specialized translation is performed in the Parsis German Language Translation Center with high quality and in the shortest possible time which is the result of employing specialized translators.

If you need German specialized translation in any specialized field, please just register the order for translation through the link below.

Registering Specialized German Translation Order

Once your send your German text to Parsis Official Translation Center, the experts at the center first specify the field of the text and send it to the specialist translator. Upon completion; the prepared translation will be reviewed by the Senior Translator so that a flawless text is submitted.

Why do we use German Specialized Translator?

Usually, every translator has one or two specialized fields due to the broadening of the science circle and their specialization, so if we intend to have the text translated fully specialized and to have the exact equivalents for terms, we need to use specialized German Translators.

A specialized translator generally graduated from the field of translation and is expert at choosing the equivalent of the same specialty.

Note: One of the advantages of using these translators is that the speed of translation surges, and the reason is that the translator, due to familiarity with the jargon, does not require frequent referral to dictionary, so the speed of translation goes up and the German specialized translator requires less time to deliver German translation.

Is the fee for a German specialized translator higher than the general translator?

The answer to this question is yes, that is, the German translator’s fee is higher than the general translator, because the former offers a high-quality translation and asks for more fees.

If the German specialized translator asked you for a higher fee than the general translator, do not resist paying the fee, as you understand the significance of this after receiving the translation.

Although the price of a German general translator is lower, but after receiving the translation, you will find that the translator has probably not chosen the exact equivalents, and you will be forced to transfer the translation to a specialized translator and you will have to pay again. Therefore, it seems more logical to pay extra fee before losing time and assign the responsibility for translating your text to a skilled, experienced and specialized German translator.

How can we find that the translator specializes in our German text?

If the quality of your German text is important, you can ask the Translation Center for a sample translation (a piece of your text is translated for you) in order to ensure that the quality of the translation is pleasing. If you confirm the sample, proceed with the finalization of your order.

Typically, the free sample is 7 to 10 lines, but if you ask for more, you can pay the cost and get the translation sample. Generally, 7 to 10 lines are translated for free as sample. You will be required to pay only when you request a German translation of more than 10 lines.

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