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Translation of the article in different sciences by native language translators can be done in all specialized fields at the Parsis Translation Center

In the process of translating articles, we use our translators, both inside and outside Iran, to translate articles into various scientific fields. For example, we hire an English translator who is a member of the Parsi English Translation Center to translate English articles.

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Any translation provided to the client, whether translation of documents or articles, should be reviewed and revised if necessary. Most translation centers charge for additional fees, but the Persian Translation Center offers this service for free.

Checking for a translation is not just about reviewing texts, it can also include reviewing translations of audio files or even video files. For example, the translation of audio files should be careful because of their fineness, and checking the translation of the book is no exception.

If a general review is needed, we need to review the exact details of the article in question and submit the report to the author or person requesting the translation of the article.

For example, these details are required in translating articles: publisher name, publication date, ISBN, etc.


Article translation template

We provide English articles in Microsoft Word format so that you can have a quick review and review in case of any problems.

How are articles translated?

In the process of translating articles, it should be noted that the entire article has been translated, including title, introduction, description and references.If there are specific explanations for repeated revisions, they are presented in the table in the article as important parameters (if necessary).

We pay particular attention to the fact that some words in articles may follow a particular format, have a specific font, and be bold or anxious. We assure you that this template is completely preserved.

Style of Articles’ Translation

Machine translation of any kind is not allowed in our translation center. We recommend that you also do not use this type of translation if you intend to have a precise and attractive translation of your article.

The names mentioned in the articles are very important. There are specific personal names in all languages, some of which are rooted in the culture of a particular speakers of the language.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, almost all names have meanings. People choose names after learning their meanings. Therefore, some names need to be explained in the translation of some literary articles.

Specific names of people are not translated; for example, names of people such as Ali, Hassan or Hossein are not translated, and only the names of companies and organizations can be translated. If you intend to translate names of company or organization, you can ask a translation center.

With the help of translators, we are able to provide reliable translations. We are able to present accurate and reliable translations to our clients with the help of professional translators.

What are the services of article’s translation?

Translation of articles in different fields is regarded as specialized translation and is carried out only by specialized translators. Our translators are able to translate your articles which are in specialized fields.

How long does it take to translate an article?

Articles are usually translated within 1 to 3 days depending on the volume and difficulty level. The minimum number of words translated per day is about 1200 words.

How is the cost of article’s translation calculated?

Specialized articles are translated only by human translators and will not be measured or priced by machines or software; therefore, the cost and delivery time of the projects will be announced to the applicants by the translator in the shortest possible time

To what languages can the article be translated?

At Parsis specialist team, we are able to provide translation services in all significant and known languages of the world.

Translating the Reference Section of Articles

Reference is always regarded as an important part of articles. This section will be carefully reviewed by the translator.

To ensure the integrity of articles such as an English Article, we use standard terms and jargon in all sections and maintain the consistency.

Thanks to our translators, we are able to provide reliable translations.

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