Parsis Translation Center Services - دارالترجمه رسمی پارسیس
Parsis Translation Center Services

Parsis Translation Center Services

With an experienced staff and professional translators, Parsis Translation Bureau is ready to provide services to dear clients regarding official translation of  Italian-Persian and Persian- Italiantexts as well as simultaneous interpretation of seminars, conferences and business conversations.

Proffesional ItalianTranslator
swedish Translator (Farsi to Italianvice versa)

If you are an exhibitor in exhibitions or fairs in Iran and look for a Italiantranslator and interpreter who can both welcome and handle your stand visitors and show you the best attractions around the cities apart from offering their professional skills,
If you are a visitor to an exhibition or fair and need an interpreter to attend to a business meeting,
If you like to travel to Iran and look for Italiantranslator and guide at the same time,
If you seek for an interpreter to accompany you during your business tour of Iran,
I can offer you interpreting and translating services in Iran. I can meet your needs efficiently bearing in mind that yoursatisfaction is my ordering concern.

For further information do not hesitate to contact me

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skype :  ali ghobyshavi

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Italiantranslator in iran , Italian translator in iran /Russian translator in iran  , farsi  translator in iran  ,  chinese translator  in iran  , Italian  translator in iran

Italianto persian translator , Italian  to persian translator , spanish to persian  translator , Turkish to persian translator , Italian to persian translator

chinese to persian translator

Intérprete de ruso en Irán, intérprete chino en Irán, intérprete italiano en irán, intérprete alemán en Irán, intérprete de Inglés en Irán

Intérprete de español en Teherán

Italian to Persian (Farsi )  translation

Persian  (Farsi ) to Italian translation

English to Persian (Farsi ) translator

Persian  (Farsi ) to Italiantranslator

Italianto Persian (Farsi ) translation office

Persian  (Farsi ) to Italiantranslation office

Italianto Persian (Farsi ) translation office in Iran

Persian  (Farsi ) to Italiantranslation office  in Iran

Italianto Persian (Farsi ) translation office in Tehran

Persian  (Farsi ) to Italiantranslation office in Tehran

Italianto Persian (Farsi ) translator in Tehran

Persian  (Farsi ) to Italiantranslator  in Tehran

Italianto Persian (Farsi ) interpreter in Tehran

Persian  (Farsi ) to Italianinterpreter  in Tehran

Italianto Persian (Farsi ) interpreter in IRAN

Persian  (Farsi ) to Italianinterpreter  in IRAN

Official translation of  Italianto Persian (Farsi )  translation

Official translation of  Persian  (Farsi ) to Italian translation

Intérprete de español en Irán

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